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5 ways to wow your sweetheart this Valentine’s

Mar 16, 2019 - 16:52

Whether you’ve been together for years or you’re in the first blush of romance, nothing says you’re thinking about your sweetheart like flowers on Valentine’s Day. With so many options for gift-giving, it’s easy to lose sight of the classics. Don’t forget to show your Valentine how you feel with a special gift.

Here are tips to help you make the most of the sweetest day of the year.

1. Plan ahead. Save big if you act now. You know Valentine’s Day is Feb. 14, so why wait? offers savings up to 40 percent using exclusive discounts on Valentine’s Day flowers if you order by Feb. 3. Choices range from gorgeous red roses and vibrant mixed-flower bouquets to the latest flower trend — hot pink bouquets. Find exclusive savings by interacting with using Facebook Messenger, Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa or Apple Business Chat. Mobile customers using voice or chat to shop for floral arrangements will enjoy an optimized experience on Google Assistant (“Hey Google, talk to 1-800-Flowers”). Search and shop on Google Assistant-enabled mobile devices, which offer a selection of farm fresh flowers in the store on Google Express (“Shop 1-800-Flowers bouquets”). Customers can use Alexa to shop (“Alexa, tell 1-800-Flowers to send my wife roses”) and complete the transaction using Amazon Pay. It’s easier than ever to shop and make sure your gift is received right on time.

2. Write your own card. Find a pretty, blank card or select a Valentine’s card with minimal printed writing and add your own personal message to your loved one. Express what you sometimes find difficult to say out loud. Describe a favorite memory from your past together or list some things that made you fall in love with them. Handwritten words mean so much more than even a carefully chosen pre-printed message. If high-tech is more your style, use your iPhone or iPad to send augmented reality (AR) messages with the iOS mobile app, leveraging Apple’s AR kit. With a variety of fun and romantic AR filters and messaging to choose from, sweethearts can express their love by sending playful, thoughtfully customized “Will You Be My Valentine?” photo or video messages.

3. Consider alternatives to flowers. If you want to add to your gift of flowers, or your beloved is allergic to fresh blossoms, not to worry — there are plenty of other options. offers lots of other gift choices to suit any valentine — from treats like chocolates and chocolate-covered strawberries to teddy bears, jewelry, keepsakes and more. Make a special statement with a personalized gift like a picture frame or candle with your names and anniversary date on it.

4. Give the gift of your time. Nothing says “I love you” better than spending time together. Take your sweetheart somewhere that’s meaningful to you as a couple. Schedule a special dinner or date, whether out on the town or a specially arranged home “date” complete with delicious treats and music, or a movie you both love. Being together to enjoy the day is the best gift you can give.

5. Don’t panic if you’re late. It happens to all of us. Life speeds by and suddenly we realize that we waited too long. offers a Celebrations Passport loyalty program, where members enjoy free, standard shipping and no service charge for one full year on purchases made across the company’s entire family of brands, including Simply Chocolate, Harry & David, Cheryl’s Cookies and more. If it’s too late for’s same-day delivery option to deliver your gift on time for Valentine’s Day, don’t panic. With SmartGift at, they'll never know you fumbled. Through this unique digital gifting experience, you simply choose the floral arrangement you want and instantly notify them via text, email or another messaging platform that something special is headed their way. You'll score big points for the save, and for showing you were thinking of your sweetheart.

Remember, Valentine’s Day is all about showing your love for your special person and doesn’t have to be stressful. There are many creative, fun — and convenient — ways to wow the one who wows you this Valentine’s Day.

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