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4 steps for a healthier you

Mar 16, 2019 - 16:55

When focusing on personal transformation, many hit the gym or focus on eating right and losing weight. Instead of taking on large, difficult-to-maintain goals, there are smaller, simpler steps and habits that can be embraced, resulting in lasting change and a healthier you.

1. Self-care isn’t selfish

When too many obligations and plans with family and friends become a burden, it’s OK to take a pass. If needed, spending a night at home or retreating to the comfort of your bed can help keep unintended stress at bay. Everyone needs a break from their social life on occasion.

2. Bring on the breakfast

Busy mornings might leave you feeling short on time and skipping out on breakfast altogether. Though it might feel like a huge time saver, skipping breakfast is detrimental to your day. Quick breakfast options that you can prepare ahead of time, like veggie egg muffins or overnight oats, provide energy and nutrients, like fiber, that you need to keep you and your body moving all day long.

3. Treat the small stuff

If you feel that something is off with your body, no matter how small it may seem, acting from the start can go a long way in preventing bigger issues. Treating minor health conditions can be just as important for overall health as visiting the doctor for more serious concerns, like the flu or chronic pain. Quick relief for bum discomfort, such as itching and burning, is achievable with Preparation H Totables Irritation Relief Wipes. They deliver relief and on-the-go cleansing in a discreet, convenient travel pack — so you can easily treat symptoms and get back to your day in comfort no matter where you are.

4. Work, walk, work. Repeat.

Remaining sedentary all day can lead to several physical effects and pains. To help steer clear of these, set a timer and get up for a five-minute lap around the office or house every hour or so. Not only will you minimize potential aches but moving throughout the day can also make you more productive.

With these tips in mind you can be more on top of your health without making any drastic changes. For more information, visit

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