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5 bathroom DIY projects for weekend warriors

Mar 17, 2019 - 01:34

Dreaming of a bathroom update? Don't wait until you can hire a professional to get the upgraded bathroom you desire. With some simple DIY projects, you'll enhance your home's value and functionality in just a weekend (or less).

Project 1: Shower overhaul

Many people are surprised it doesn't take weeks for a shower update. Convenient all-in-one kits provide a custom look without the extra work. The American Standard Passage Custom Shower System is ideal for the DIYer, with stylish, textured, patterned walls, a sleek glass shower door, modern shower bases and storage options. The Shower Wall kit includes adhesive, color-matched sealant and pre-measured walls that easily adhere over existing wall materials, making it a time-saving project. Its designs mimic granite, stone or timber, delivering an upscale look at an appealing price. Door, bases and storage options are part of the Passage Collection but sold separately. Available at select The Home Depot locations nationwide and online.

Project 2: Smart toilets

Replacing a toilet can easily be completed in a day or two, making it a DIY project worth considering. Not only will the bathroom feature an updated focal element, but the right toilet design can reduce the future need to clean. Install the VorMax Plus self-cleaning toilet and watch as it freshens the toilet bowl with Lysol cleaner with every flush. The award-winning flushing platform has been independently verified to clean the bowl two times better than conventional toilets. So put away the rubber gloves and cleaning brush as they won't be needed for a while.

Project 3: Modern flooring

Don't forget to look down when considering smart bathroom updates. Replacing the floor is a simple weekend project that stands out. If you have dated vinyl flooring, consider installing modern vinyl options that are far superior to the designs of yesteryear. With planks that closely mimic wood or tile, the new look will impress. Ceramic or marble tiles are popular choices for bathroom flooring as well. For a luxury touch, consider taking a weekend to add in heated flooring elements. You can find kits at your local home improvement store that install under stone floors, so with the turn of a knob you transform chilly floors into toasty tiles.

Project 4: Stylish sinks

A new sink is a smart way to update a bathroom in minimal time. Designs with simplified installation, like Studio S bathroom sink faucets, make it an easy DIY task. With a modern look available in various finishes, the design is specifically created to be a time-saver to install. The Speed Connect Drain is a pre-assembled system that won't need adjusting now or years down the road, plus the unique Speed Connect widespread installation system can be dropped in from the top for easy hose connections. No need to hire a plumber for a functional and fashionable new sink.

Project 5: Visual elements

To update a bathroom, consider visual real estate and all the extras that create a cohesive aesthetic. The walls typically take up the largest space in a bathroom, which means fresh paint can be a simple weekend project with big impact. Consider choosing a semi-gloss mildew-resistant paint for moist bathroom spaces. Continue the refresh by painting the ceiling a crisp white, which provides a clean look that also reflects light. Finally, analyze hardware and replace dingy or outdated knobs, handles and hooks. This provides a finishing touch that ties the entire space together.

With just one weekend you can transform a dated bathroom. These smart DIY projects increase value and enjoyment for all members of the household.

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